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Twitter or Bust (More Bust than Twitter)

I'm kind of surprised to say this, but...

One of the things that I never thought would happen is how much I've enjoyed Twitter. Yes, I know I vowed that I would never sign up for it and that even if I did, I would likely never use it. The thing is, I've really enjoyed my time on Twitter to this point, but even that's been screwed up now.

As you know, yesterday there was an attempt to crash Twitter. (No, I'm not posting links, you can go there yourself to figure out why.) Well, since the system "recovered", I have been unable to post any updates or replies on a consistent basis, and there's no way for me to get any help since I can't seem to post any messages to the Help forums or anyone else about stuff. (I've heard that some people who use Firefox, as I do, have had the same problems, but when they switch to some other 'net browser it's fine. That said, I'm not about to switch out of Firefox, but if anyone has some advice, go for it.)

I am completely frustrated, annoyed, and pissed off (not to mention in serious pain, see the previous journal entry), so between everything else that has happened and this, I am just ready to quit and call it a day, a weekend, whatever...
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