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Tweets That Aren't Making It

Well, I'm still having oodles of trouble with my Twitter account, and can't seem to post anything other than sporadically. Being as that's the case, I've decided to post the latch batch of Tweets that I tried to post up over on Twitter here, for anyone who actually cares.


3:02 pm Hullo, folks. Is this thing back up yet?

4:25 pm My new Queen-size bed has been delivered...but not without some
problems along the way. See my blog:

5:02 pm Let's see if I can get this post to actually update...

5:03 pm Why is it that I can't seem to post any updates with any consistency?
What is going on here?

5:03 pm Is this just my machine, is it something Twitter (as a result
of what happened earlier today), or is it something else?

5:45 pm I am getting completely frustrated at the inability on my part to
write updates here on Twitter.

5:45 pm Not only that, but the ability to post replies and the like is
bust, and both that and updating are...inconsistent.

6:05 pm @SPatrickRoss I know about that. But I still can't get Twitter
to work properly.

6:05 pm @SPatrickRoss Can't send Updates at all, and Replies work
if-illy at best.

6:10 pm Let's try a quick test post of sorts.

6:10 pm @SPatrickRoss ...and I can't send out an Update now, even if
this Reply does work. :<

6:11 pm The Update button doesn't work for a tweet of more than a line. :(

6:15 pm And then that seems to work, and I'm getting annoyed at this. :(

10:53 pm @Norwichgrrl Nope, I still can't post any updates to Twitter,
and that from the web. Don't have a cell phone to try it on.


5:26 am Definitely not going to work today. Have to call carpool folks
to let them know.

7:50 am Am awake now. Sleep rhythm off, because I'm not at work. Also
likely due to back pain.

7:55 am The good news is that I slept very well in the new bed, all
things considered. Score one good thing for me.

8:22 am RT @JewelStaite American Idol without Paula is like @nathanfillion
without a middle finger. hehe Like that.

9:01 am @stephenherron The back hurting is bad, the birthday is good!
Happy birthday, mate! May health, happiness, and prosperity be
yours for the coming year.

11:01 am Good morning, Twitterverse. And how are we today?

11:05 am @chris_roberson Tell me about it. Damn annoying, to be honest.
And with no cell phone, I can't post anything or reply to anything.
Boo, hiss! :(

11:07 am @greygirlbeast Yep, same here. Can't post from Firefox. Not

1:06 pm @gmskarka Welcome to the insanity of the Twitterverse. Good to
see you here! :)

2:18 pm @SPatrickRoss Still can't post up to Twitter, either in updates
or replies. Gonna just give up.

2:50 pm Let's see if this post goes out...

2:51 pm Does this mean that I am back and live on Twitter?

2:54 pm I quit.

2:55 pm At least, until Twitter manages to fix this problem and I can
actually post to people without having things crash when I
try to do so.

In any event, that's the Twitter posts for yesterday and today to this point, those that made it through and those that didn't.
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