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Tweets That Aren't Making It II

Twitter is still down for me, since I'm using Firefox, and there's no fix-it time in sight according to the latest news on the Twitter site.

So, here's the second batch of Tweets that didn't make it up to my Twitter account, for those who care. This covers most of yesterday and the evening hours.


6:02 pm Just going upstairs to have some dinner, and then get ready to
game with the Friday gaming group. #Desolation should be good

8:32 pm Quick break in the game tonight. Things are going well. The
party is having a good time in the current scenario, but things
about to get messy. :)

10:03 pm An attack by goblins left the player characters somewhat disoriented
and confused. Plan going well!

11:19 pm @SPatrickRoss You would seriously appreciated the efforts tonight
of Nick's Barm Vaks, the hunter and guide. Truly, you would.


12:21 am @mana_junkie Which version of Conspiracy X, the original, the
revised edition, or the current one from Eden?

12:22 am @mana_junkie You really should play more of these games that you
write scenarios for. It works better that way. :)

12:45 am Goodnight, Twitterverse. I've missed you, while you've been gone
from my life.

In any event, that's the Twitter posts for yesterday and today to this point, those that made it through and those that didn't.
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