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Tweets That Aren't Making It III

I still can't post up to my Twitter account with any sense of regularity. It seems that just the first post, and maybe one or two after that make it up on there. So here's another batch of Tweets That Didn't Make It from yesterday up. I'm not even bothering to put it behind a cut any more.

Read or don't read, as you choose.


8:46 am Good morning, Twitterverse. Are we functional yet?

8:47 am We may well be functional. Depending on whether the Twitter techs
have finished fixing the problem so that we Firefox users can post

8:47 am Can't send any more posts out. So the problem is not fixed yet.
Nuts! :<

8:51 am Apparently not. The last two updates didn't work. Nuts! :(

8:58 am @SuzieMcNeil Looking good doing the Shimmy, Suzie! :)

8:59 am Had a great game of #Desolation last night with Friday group.
Will blog more about this later today. For now, breakfast.

10:14 am @somecanuckchick I feel your pain re: the inability to post
and all here. I misses Twitter! :(

1:01 pm If interested, I'll be running a HEX game at a local store in
Ottawa next week, August 15th:

1:02 pm @greygirlbeast When in doubt, write rather than proofread or edit.
It's more fun to write and a lot less painful in some ways.

3:09 pm @nathanfillion The best way to do is the way that British actors
(notably Dr. Who) do... "Richard Castle -- Who is Nathan Fillion?"

5:06 pm Back from going out and doing a bit of gaming shopping with
@SPatrickRoss. I have bought cow miniatures. hehe

9:21 pm @hfiguiere There is nothing wrong with board games, Hub. I like
board games. :)

11:21 pm Just finished working on some #Desolation stuff. Going to crash
early, and taking some painkillers for my lower back and butt.

11:23 pm Good night, Twitterverse. (Not that this tweet is going out or

Already have a good smattering of Tweets that didn't make it on-line this morning, so...
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