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HEX Game at the Comic Book Shoppe, Ottawa, August 15th, 2009 III

Just heard from the folks at the Comic Book Shoppe that no has signed up for the game of Hollow Earth Expedition that I plan to run tomorrow. Am rather saddened by this, as the scenario "The Lost City of Crystal Graveyards" is one of the scenarios that is being run at GenCon Indy 2009 this year even as we speak, and is quite a good little scenario. Hopefully, there will be some walk-in traffic that wants to play a good Pulp adventure rpg set in the 1930's and below the earth...

For more info on the game and where the game is being run, see this journal entry.

I really do hope to see a few people there. Looking forward to running HEX tomorrow.

In the meantime, gotta get ready for the regularly scheduled Desolation game that I'm running this evening.

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