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Sunday Thoughts

Another Monday morning here in Ottawa. Another day of scorching temperatures and relatively high humidity that promise to make the day uncomfortable as all heck.

Had a relatively good night, catching about six or so hours of sleep before the alarm went off. The Tylenol sinus tablet probably helped somewhat.

Still suffering somewhat from the Not at GenCon (NaGC) Blues, but this will likely be alleviated when some of the gaming stuff that a good friend picked up for me at GenCon arrives in the post. The NaGC Blues were also somewhat diminished by the gaming session yesterday afternoon with the Sunday group. I ran the continuing game of the Desolation post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg, and I thought the game went pretty damn well, the players seemingly having enjoyed themselves a lot, and had some fun with some of the more bizarre things they encountered and that occurred. (For those who want more info, just ask me for some details in the Comments.) The sad news is that hub_ played his last session with us yesterday, as he's got a new job out Vancouver way, so I'm looking for any folks in the Ottawa area who might be interested in getting into the game. The other game system I'll be running is Hollow Earth Expedition, so if you're looking to get into a gaming group on Sundays from around 1:00 - 5:00 pm, please get in touch with me in personal e-mail or drop me a line here.

Had a pretty good evening as well, eating a decent meal, and watching the latest episode of Defying Gravity on the tube. The storyline is progressing well, more information about the various characters being revealed through flashbacks as the series goes on, and some of the sub-plots being quite interesting as well. I really hope that the series gets a decent following, since it would be a shame if Defying Gravity doesn't get renewed after the initial 13-episode run. Heck, if the entire 13 eps get shown.

Went to bed relatively early, and read a bit. I'm currently re-reading Katya Reimann's Chronicles of Tielmark series, and am currently reading the second book, A Tremor in the Bitter Earth. The books in the series are a really nice read and re-read, but I suspect they're not for everyone. And it's really sad that she didn't write anything else on her own after the trilogy.

Anyway, more stuff hopefully later. For now, back to work.
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