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A Bad Night

It has not been a good night.

Earlier this evening, my good friend, Steve Bauer, suffered a heart attack.

I've just gotten back from the hospital, and really need to go to bed, since I've got to get up for work this morning. Making it worse, of course, is the snow storm we've had most of Monday. Steve's lying comfortably in a hospital bed right now, and thank Goddess the heart attack wasn't a serious one. Okay, well it was, since it was a heart attack. Kathy was in a panic when she called me, and so I immediately drove over to the hospital, to keep her and the kids (including my goddaughter) company, and offer what support that I could.

Given the fact that SteveB is my age, this has really put a scare into me, and has given me reason to keep dieting, eating proerly, getting the exercise, and generally keeping my health good. It certainly puts life in perspective.

Given the fact that I'm exhausted, I need to go to bed.

I'm still in deep shock.
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