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Sunday's Desolation Game

Had a pretty good day of gaming yesterday.

The Sunday group is back down to just the two players that I've played with for the longest time on Sundays, spross and Tammy Powers. This doesn't bother me all too much, as patience is a virtue when looking for new players for the games, as when they work together, Tammy and spross do pretty well together.

Yesterday's game of Desolation, the post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg, went quite well. The player characters continued their quest for a herb needed for a remedy to a venom, and had their share of strange encounters and mishaps in the world of Scondera. Obviously the group dynamic has changed somewhat with the reduction down to two players (although they've got a couple of NPCs along for the ride to fill out some skill needs), but so far so good.

As long as they keep interacting together and doing some roleplaying together, everything is good.

That doesn't mean that I don't want to bring another couple of folks into the Sunday rpg group, although I would ideally like three new players, to bring group up to five players. That's always the optimal size of a gaming group, at least for my taste.
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