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Back From Doctor

Just got back from the appointment with the doctor and then went to lunch.

A bit of a cock up, actually. It turns out the doctor's been on vacation for three weeks, and his receptionist/paper worker has also. So he's not even seen the blood test results, as they may be buried in the paperwork that is still being sorted through. (Yes, they don't know if they got them.)

While I didn't bring the copy of the results with me to the office, I did remember most of the numbers (it's like their engraved in my head at this point), and we talked about them. The good news is that my a1c is down from 8.6 to 7.5, but it's not where I want it to be, although he was pretty content with the change. The bad news is that the triglycerides and the cholesterol levels have come down minutely, but they're not good still. So the doctor has upped the dosage of Crestor on me to 20mg per day. In the meantime, I know I need to get back on some form of real diet, I need to exercise more, and all that. Problem is that I fell down the stairs about two weeks ago, and the back is sore and painful. He checked that out, and said that I need to do some back exercises to strengthen that part of my body, but otherwise things are good.

When I got home and saw the copy of the blood test results, though, I realized I forgot to mention something. The test for Creatinine came back 14 points higher than it was on the tests previous. This is likely not good, so I called the doctor's office and spoke with his receptionist and asked her to convey that to him. We'll see if he wants to talk to me about that, or if he calls me in for another appointment. :(

So, not as bad as I feared, but not good.

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