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A Sunday Entry

Somewhat rainy, a bit gloomy, day here in Ottawa.

Haven't blogged in a couple of days, primarily because my back is so bad and sitting at the keyboard doesn't help it, and because I've been busy with some other stuff. It's also partially been due to the fact that I find myself with very little to talk about at the moment.

Friday night's game of Desolation went well, and the players are having a very good time with the game. The post-apocalyptic fantasy genre is one that has soooo many things one can do with it, and the Desolation rpg is a very neat twist on this whole idea. The characters are dealing with what may be some form of basilisk or Weave-warped creature that can turn the living into stone, and let's just say that for the moment they're caught between a rock and a hard place. :)

Anyway, am currently gettting ready to run this afternoon's Sunday session of Desolation on the second gaming group. While they're down to 2 players plus a couple of NPCs that I've thrown in, the previous session was very good, and even though I want another couple of players for the group, it's going relatively well.
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