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TV Series: Expedition Africa

Haven't posted much the last few days. Nothing to really post about or report or anything.

However, last night I caught the debut - well, in Canada, at any rate - of the new Expedition Africa series on History Television. The basic premise of the series is fascinating: Four modern-day explorers are going to re-create the epic journey taken in the 1870's by Henry Stanley to find Dr. David Livingstone. They're using a regular, old-fashioned compass and the original maps showing Stanley's route to do the voyage, and instead of taking 9 months to do the 970+ miles, they're going to do it in 30 days!

The four explorers - Mireya Mayor, Benedict Allen, Pasquale Scaturro, and Kevin Sites - make for an interesting group, each bringing something different to the expedition, but there are some obvious personality clashes evident even in the first episode.

The first episode, "Lost in Africa", had all sorts of interesting things - the meeting of the four explorers; a (seemingly) dangerous boat trip from Zanzibar to Bagomoya; the neat bit of hiring porters and a couple of Maasai guards; the trip through the mangrove swamp - but what stood out was the developing relationships between the four explorers.

While Expedition Africa is supposed to be eight episodes in length, the series promises to be a fascinating look at a group of four people who are experts in their fields as they recreate the dangerous journey taken by Henry Stanley in his search for David Livingstone.

For those who are interested, the series was inspired by Martin Dugard's Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone. Having purchased this book some time ago, I can say that it is a book well worth reading.

And now, for some daydreaming about a Hollow Earth Expedition scenario goodness...

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