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Desolation, Last Night

Good morning, folks.

Lovely day in Ottawa, but the afternoon is said to be quite warm. Will be going out momentarily to buy a few vegetables and the like for tonight and tomorrow night's meals. In the meantime...

Had an excellent evening last night with the Friday night gaming group. They continued to play the Desolation post-apocalyptic fantasy campaign, and wrapped up the scenario that they've been doing. The player characters finally encountered and tangled with the cockatrice, and were able to kill the creature with a modicum of skill and a quantity of luck and pre-planning. It was an excellent session overall, and to be honest, the players had a really good time. The players decided that they want to play a bit of Hollow Earth Expedition next, as they've not played the campaign in some time, so I'm happy enough to do that.

My back is still bothering me, and was pretty bad last night, but SteveB and Kathy (and Ellie, of course) stayed behind after the other folks left to give me a hand cleaning up and tidying things a bit. They left my place around 12:45 am, after a nice cup of hot tea or three, and then I crashed for the night.

Anyway, I'm outta here, going for my veggies.
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