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Relaunching the Sunday HEX Game

Feeling pretty good about things at the moment. Not my back, that's still bothering me quite a bit.

The Sunday gaming group started their new campaign of Hollow Earth Expedition, with a session of character creation, and things are looking pretty good. The regulars, spross and Tammy, have been joined by a new player, canrocker (a friend of waiwode's who moved up to Ottawa for higher education), which is a good thing, as hub_ has moved out to Vancouver, so were were back to two players. Another new player, Chris, will be coming out on Sunday to join the players, but he'll only be playing every couple of weeks due to a busy Real Life(tm), but that's okay... Another couple of players to round out the Friday group, and things will be perfect.

Now, as for Sunday's game, well, let's see... The group of characters that the players have got should make for an interesting mix, but this will also depend on what Chris comes up with for his character with me this week. spross is playing his character, Martin Hampton-Lloyd, a former British cavalry officer whose brother died under strange circumstances. Tammy is playing Aisling O'Rourke, a female antiques hunter with/without (she's not decided yet) some psychic ability. canrocker has created Dillon McNulty, another Irish character, who is an able bodied seaman. An interesting mix of characters, to be sure, and a set of characters that will make for a good party if the chemistry between them works out.

Started the game off with some sample combat, as that also allowed canrocker to get a feel for how I run combat in the game system, and to test out the game mechanics a bit more with both him and the two regulars. Besides, there are a few subtle differences in the mechanics of Desolation and Hollow Earth Expedition, and I needed to get some practice in with the HEX ones, too.

Anyway, I thought it was a good session, and the players seemed to enjoy themselves as well, too, so things are looking up for next week's session of actual play. I hope.

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