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Heatley Trade Thought, v2

Morning, all.

A beautiful morning here in Ottawa, and time for me to get down to stuff and get ready for this afternoon's roleplaying game session.

That said, I've cleared my head about the trade that Ottawa made to San Jose, sending them Dany Heatley and a draft pick for Milan Michalak, Jonathan Cheechoo and a draft pick. I think the trade will be good for the Ottawa Senators, and I think that between Kovalev, Michalak, and Cheechoo, the Senators' offense will be better this year. If they can make another deal or get one of the free agents still out there (if the budget can handle that), it could be an interesting season in Senators country.

The fans just have to calm down, and regain that faith in the team that they've had for all these many years. Heatley was a good player for the Ottawa Senators, but he's been divisive most of the summer, and the trade will finally give resolution to the city, the fans, and the team, and allow the Senators to move on and get their hockey season in gear.

Go, Sens, Go! :)

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