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Primeval Resurrected!

For those who have not heard the news...

ITV Saves Primeval From Extinction

ITV has resurrected hit science fiction drama Primeval for two new series in 2011, after agreeing to a ground-breaking co-production deal that will see UK TV have the first run of the fifth series.

Under the deal, Primeval will return to ITV1 in early 2011 for the fourth series, which will then be shown on Watch. Later that year, Watch will premiere series five, followed by ITV1. The two series will comprise 13 episodes total.

The official ITV announcement can be found here.

While the news of Primeval's resurrection pleases me no end, I just hope that they take the series back to what made it great, the study of the Anomalies, and why they are occurring in the first place.

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