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Relationship Derailment?

The week was going so relatively well, that I should have known that Murphy's Law would take effect at some point.

Last night, after meeting Stef for dinner, I could tell she was somewhat subdued and all. I couldn't figure out what was going on, but when we got back to my place, she told me.

The law firm that Stef works for is sending her to Calgary for another stint, this time for four months, effective the week of February 12th. She'll be packing up and flying out a week from Saturday, Her boss told her that they are very pleased with her work during the last stint in Calgary, and they would like to make the change permanent.

Stef is, needless to say, resistant to this change, but she's afraid that the firm could let her go, and she also knows that the job opportunity is a good one for not just the work but her advancement. We talked well into the night, and to be honest, we're both afraid of what this could mean to our relationship. My job keeps me in Ottawa, and the work that I do doesn't allow for a transfer to Calgary. We're both worried about our relationship now, but we want to figure ot a way to make this work.

I woke up this morning, lying next to Stef, who turned to me and well...we both feel right now like we're on a runaway train, and the train is about to get derailed...but we're gonna ride this sucker as long as we can. After all, what else can we do?

Anyway, I'm here at work right now, having a cup of tea, and it's the last place in the world I want to be. Life sucks! :(
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