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Life, and Friday Gaming

Well, there's no way to say this, other than: I'm still depressed about the stuff with Stef (see the last entry), but she and I are soldiering on and making the best of our relationship. We're committed to keep the love going, but it's obviously going to be an uphill struggle.


Gamed last night with the Friday nighters, and we had a really good time.

I started to run the Agone fantasy roleplaying game, based on the works of Mathieu Gaborit, once more, and the game went really went. What is Agone you ask?

AGONE, an epic roleplaying game in the Twilight Realms.

At the dawn of time, the Muses breathed life and magic into Harmundia. Then the Masque came, a renegade set on putting all mortals under his yoke. The Eclipse darkened the sky and Twilight descended upon the world. Since then, the humans and the nine Seasonling races have built the Twilight Realms. Now, the enemies are more deceitful and more powerful than ever. The Masque has returned, and the evil Darken is creeping into the Realms. Once again, as the Eminences Grise foretold it, war is setting Harmundia ablaze!

Let the Drama begin!

Born in the wake of Agone of Roundrock, the Inspired have already led full lives, and believe their hour of glory has come and gone. But fate has decided otherwise, for they carry the Flames of the Muses. As an Eminence Grise, the time has come for you to bring those Inspired by the Flame - lords, merchants, highwaymen, and magicians - together to fight the Enemy.

You are the last hope!


Discover a dark and baroque Heroic Fantasy world where weapons clash and spells thunder. In this setting of intrigues and marvels, be a baron respected by his subjects, a magical minstrel admired by all, an elusive acrobat-assassin, or a Machiavellian spy. Learn to master the four Magical Arts and the Ascendancy, the magic of the Dancers. Play the part of a brawny ogre, a mysterious black fey, a hunting sprite, a plotting medusa, a wandering spriggan, a sturdy dwarf, or an awe-inspiring giant!

Will you be able to protect your Flame at all costs?

Kind of neat, don't cha think? :) Agone is a fantasy roleplaying game that is atypical of many fantasy rpgs out there these days, for a whole variety of reasons. I stopped running the game for a while because the players in my Sunday gaming group had a *terrible* experience with the game the first time out, due to the fact that one of the gamers, a guy by the name of Pierre ruined the game completely for the rest of the players. I'm not going to go into detail here, but suffice it to say, one of the reasons that I stopped running the game was because I forgot or lost track of the reasons I started running the game: Agone is a game about hope, not about despair, and that element of the game was ruined for me by the player who was always wanting to play "evil" characters, even when they weren't supposed to be that way.

Anyway, the Agone game got off to a good re-start again, with a couple of samples of combat to reacquaint the players with that element of the game, and a nice, long sequence, where their caravan encountered a couple of troubadours who were not what they seemed. (Think "Punch and Judy", and make 'em ten times darker! ) So far, it's looking good - and the medusa and the satyr are *still* flirting with one another! :)

More on the game and (future) game sessions if anyone wants to know.
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