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Defying Gravity Episode 10 Thoughts

Last night, the Space television station aired the 10th episode of Defying Gravity. This is the first of the four episodes that are not going to air down in the U.S., and I'm not sure whether CTV here will air them at all. I taped the episode, since I was running a demo playtest of Hollow Earth Expedition last night, but finally watched it late this morning.


What can I say about this episode, without spoiling it for anyone else? Defying Gravity as a series has so much potential, but given the network television nature of the series, has not lived up to that potential. After the revelations of the previous episode, "Eve Ate the Apple", "Deja Vu" was more a psychological episode with the crew of the Antares dealing with the ramifications and implications of that revelation, while the team back on Earth had to wrestle with a few problems of their own.

The episode was pretty good in dealing with some of the psychological elements of the story, especially Jen Crane's personal anguish over matters, but as a whole this episode of Defying Gravity just left me feeling...flat...after the previous episode.

Anyway, time for some supper now.

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