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A Sunday of TtR and Dragonriders of Pern

Another busy day for me. Currently on coffee break from my Greek language course.

I may not have mentioned it, but at the moment I am on a Greek language course for work. I spend Monday through Thursday mornings on the Greek language course, and then work a couple of hours in the afternoon. Fridays are spent at the office for work only.

Spent a pretty relaxed day yesterday, despite the hip and thigh pains which continue. spross, Tammy, and I didn't play any Hollow Earth Expedition, as they decided to humour me and we played some board games.

We started out with a couple of games of Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries. In the first game, I got slapped pretty badly, both spross and Tammy scoring 110+ points, while I only scored 82. Not a great game, but not too bad. The second game was pure disaster. spross made a move laying track at Narvik-Tromso, blocking Tammy and me effectively, and she and I both needed routes in the Kirkenes and Murmansk areas. I had no choice but to try and grab the nine-train Lieksa-Murmansk bit, as Tammy blocked me coming up the middle of the board, and just couldn't get enough train cards to do it. The final scores were something like spross 195, Tammy 102, and JohnK 42. Just a disaster.

We then switched to an old game - Dragonriders of Pern from Mayfair Games</i>. This game has been sitting on my shelf for many years, and I've only played it sporadically the last 15 years or so. I've also added a few new rules to the game, and use two complete sets of the game to play. Suffice it to say, the game went pretty well, as we only had time for some 10 Game Turns all told. The game went pretty well, and Tammy had a good time with it (as she had never played it with us before).

Overall, a nice, relaxing day of gaming.

Back to language stuff. Opa! :)
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