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Ready for Draconis, with Trepidation

This will be my last post for a little while. Just finishing up the packing of the gaming stuff that I need to take with me to Montreal for the convention.

I'll admit to a little bit of hesitation about this whole endeavour. Part of it stems from the fact that I've never been to Draconis before. I find these days that I don't deal well with new situations and all. Not fond of stepping into the unknown. Add the fact that I'm not going to know anyone at the convention, and well...

Part of it stems from the fact that I've still got problems with my right hip and thigh, and walking is going to be Draconis. And there is always a lot of walking to do at gaming conventions. I suspect that I'm going to be limited to eating in the hotel, so I hope the food there is decent.

Anyway, no more time for doubts. Gotta finish packing the gaming stuff. Montreal, Draconis, here I come!

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