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Disaster of a Day

Yes, I still live...but it feels like a close thing...and I am still ill, fighting this bug off (the doctor is convinced it's not flu, just a very bad chest cold, and has prescribed an antibotic for it. And then there's the house disaster...

To put it mildly, Thursday was a disaster of a day, to say the least.

I woke up Thursday morning around 3:00 am to hear a gurgling, bubbling sound in the toilet on the lower level of the house. Having heard this stuff before, I wasn't concerned and besides, I needed my sleep. Woke up around 7:15 am to go to the bathroom, and there's the gurgling sound again. Did my business as they say, and then flushed the toilet...and it didn't flush, just filled the bowl. Tried to plunge it, and that didn't work. Walked out of the bathroom to check something...and that's when I noticed it.

The laundry room, which has the drain to the sewer, had the door closed...but the edge of the carpet by the door was wet, with a dark brown wet, and the smell wasn't pleasant. And that's when I noticed the carpet went SQUELCH!!

Suffice it to say, the lower level of my split-level condo townhouse was flooded with sewage water and backup! This floor has my bedroom (fortunately, not affected, pending a thorough look by the folks from Steamatic) and my den/library/computer room (unfortunately affected, but no idea how badly yet), and...well, I'm currently *living* in a hotel. It's got a free DSL internet in every room, so I'm finally back on-line...haven't been much lately, as folks may have noticed, and I'm likely to be here for the next month or more, depending on how fast repairs get done, and whether Old Man Winter decides to strike the first blow.

Most of the game stuff isn't damaged, but I may lose 100 or so sf and fantasy books (and some non-fiction and mysteries) on a bookcase, and some of the gaming stuff that is in the same area as where part of the sewer damage went between the walls. Dammit! :(

Hopefully whatever bug I've got hasn't been made worse by the exposure to the sewage and methane, but I guess we'll see.

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