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Thoughts on the Week (And Near Future)

It's been a long, long week for some reason, and to be honest, I'm kind of glad that it's over with. Well, actually it's not, since the weekend is going to be full of stuff as well.

Nothing really exciting or weird or anything like that happened. Work was work, and still nicely challenging. Stef and I have been making the best of our last week together for the next several months. The relationship between us is definitely not over, if either of us have anything to say about it, although the distance thing is going to be something of an obstacle. Oy vey, my phone bill is going to skyrocket the next few months! :)

And this week has had a lot of snow. Not snowstorms with large accumulations (thank goddess, knock on wood!), but flurries here and there and almost non-stop (or so it seems to me). Of course, the weatherman and I obviously have different definitions of "flurries" since he thinks it's about 2 cms (0.8 inches), and what really is coming down is some 5-8 cms (2-3.2 inches) of snow! Every time I go out to the car, it seems I have to clear off snow first. Ah, well, that's life.

As for what's to com this weekend, well... In about three hours, I'll be running the session of the Agone roleplaying game, which will be Stef's last with the group for a while, and am rather looking forward to that. Tomorrow I'm taking spross out to dinner. We're going to do Chinese food, and my friend Donald is going to come with us (and I hope he'll bring Sharon, his wife, as well). Birthday meals in the Chinese vein have not been pleasant for me over the last few years (see the entry on the last Chinese food disaster for more on that), but times have changed, people are older (and supposedly wiser), so we'll see what goes down. I've gotta take Stef to the airport for around 12:30 pm tomorrow, and will then take her car back to her place, and then hightail it home, and then comes dinner. So it'll be a full day. Sunday of course, Steve and Tammy will be playing in the Hollow Earth Expedition rpg scenario they're currently doing. Ah, you gotta love black orchids! <g> (But I'll let Steve (and/or Tammy) tell folks who want to know more about that.)

Anyway, for now, I'm off for a cuppa tea, then do a little bit of work on a magic relic for tonight's Agone game, and by then Stef should show up, and we'll do supper together before the gaming group arrives.

Should be a good, if somewhat tiring, weekend. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to do a bit of reading some time in there as well, since I've fallen a bit behind on that of late.
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