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Weekend, So Far...

Be warned. This journal entry is a bit long, and rambles a bit. So don't read it if you're not interested in my weekend so far. :)

Sunday morning. The weekend's almost over, and to be honest, it's been a good one so far, other than the fact that I'm depressed about Stef's departure, but that's something I have no control over, and to be honest, it also stems from the blood sugar readings from last night and this morning (see below).

Where to start? Well, Friday night the gaming group played Agone, and things went pretty well. Stef showed up about an hour and a half before we needed to start supper, so we just curled up together for a while and relaxed with some music. Supper consisted of a salad, swiss steak with onions, and some South Beach mashed "potatoes" (they're actually made with cauliflower, but if you do them right you can;'t taste the difference). She and I split a pear for dessert, and then the gaming group arrived. The scenario dealt with a little situation where someone has been burning down Steve's character, Galron Semakk's granaries in the city where they have set up their mercantile business. The clues have led them to a seedy part of Lorgol where someone named "The Gaunt Man" is in on this deal somehow. Lots of mayhem ensued last night as they tried to get some answers, and things are working very well. Kathy's character, the medusa Sarisse the Red, and Tom Robinson's Shenar Loridine, the satyr, continue to flirt with one another, and Stef really had a good time with her Jornist beast mistress/herbalist, Gabrielle the Stray (for what will be the last time for four months at least). After cleaning, up Stef and I crawled into bed around 2:00 am.

Saturday dawned with another coating of snow on the car. The sun soon melted most of it off, but the weather was pretty windy and the wind chill was nasty. The morning you guys don't need to know about. I took Stef to the airport for 12:30 pm, and we said our goodbyes eventually near the departure area. We were both crying when it was all over, and I think that says something about the relationship. Came home from the airport after dropping Stef's car off at her place, and tried to get my act together before going out to dinner for Steve's (belated) birthday.

spross dropped by my place around 4:00 pm or so, and we talked about stuff surfed the web looking for some Agone files that I needed to find, and talked. Before leaving for the restaurant, I took my blood sugar and it was a respectable 6.1. Lai Lai, located on McArthur and St. Laurent, is my favourite Chinese food place, but it's rare that I go there any longer. Donald (Fry) was there waiting for us when we arrived about a quarter to 7, and I was a bit disappointed that his wife, Sharon, didn't come with him, as I had wanted to talk to her about the whole John/Stef thing. Ah, well. *sigh*

Dinner was superb, with some good conversation about all manner of stuff. While I didn't eat heaps and heaps of food, I did have some of everything. We had bowls of Wonton soup (Donald ate an egg roll), Potstickers (one of my favourite dishes, even if I know they're not healthy), Human dumplings, Mu Shu chicken with pancakes, Crispy beef (lovely stuff!), and General T'sao chicken (not too spicy, more's the pity), all washed down with Chinese tea. The service was adequate, if slow, as the restaurant was not all that busy, but there was only one lady serving food, and she was a bit overwhelmed, but that was all right since we ate the food and relaxed and chatted and all the good stuff that goes along with great Chinese food.

After dinner, Steve went home since he had to work Sunday morning, and Donald drove me back to my place. We had some tea and talked about all manner of stuff, and things were cool. He's promised to bring his camera with him next time he sees me, and take a new photo or two of me so that I can update the images on my website and here. (Yeah, that photo is some 7-8 years old, so it doesn't do me justice these days.)

The evening rounded off with me taking my blood glucose - and it was a whopping 12.4 (223, for the Americans reading this)!! Not good. I expected this, to be honest, but it still shocks me when it happens, and I won't be eating like that again for a while, anyway. I ate a bit of red pepper before drinking several glasses of water, and went to bed. Stef called me about 11:00 pm to let me know she had arrived safe and sound, and was settled into the hotel suite that the company provides for her. We talked a lot longer than we should have.

Slept all right and got up around 7:30 am. Needless to say, I feel tired somewhat. Took my fasting blood sugar, and it's down to 8.1. Better, and not all that abnormal for me at that time. Had a breakfast of scrambled eggs with fresh mushrooms and onions, and took my blood again about 10 minutes ago. My sugar is down again to 7.4, so I'm doing well. Still feel a little shaky, but that's just due to the fact that I had the Chinese food last night, and I haven't really drunk as much water as I would have liked the past 24 hours or so. That and I think I have a bit of a head cold.

However, life goes on. The Sunday gaming group will be here in about two hours or so, and there's stuff I need to do for that, and I'll write another entry about the Sunday game sometime later today or tomorrow from work.

Going to get a glass of water, and then will do some of the work I gotta get done around the house (cleaning up and stuff, as well as some laundry) before gaming today.

Oh, and guess what? It snowed again last night.

Like I said, life goes on. :)
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