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Sunday RPG Decision

Just getting ready to head for the hotel dining room, and have some breakfast.

Will have to decide what I'm going to run today, Desolation or Hollow Earth Expedition. My back, hip, and thigh have been pretty good the last few days, mainly 'cause I haven't done a lot of walking and moving about, and to be honest, I'm not in the mood for a board game again this weekend. Besides, I suspect that Tammy would rather play a roleplaying game than do a game of Ticket to Ride: Europe again at the moment. There are deficits to running either Desolation or HEX at the moment, given that I don't have some of the materials I use. That's at the house, and there are other problems too. We'll see.

I spoke with the hotel concierge (love that word!), and I can run the game in the main lobby of the hotel, as long as we're not too noisy. Just can't face five hours or so in the room during the afternoon right now.
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