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This Afternoon's Game

Decided in the end to run Hollow Earth Expedition instead of Desolation, the main reason being I couldn't find my notes on the Community and people and places that I'm using. They must be over at the house and everything.

We gamed down in the hotel lobby, and Tammy and spross weren't all that unhappy with the game. I felt that the game was not up to my usual, as I'm still feeling somewhat out of sorts from the cold that I had/have. Tammy spent the session trying to avoid some shady characters that were after her, while trying to set up a meeting based on a note that she received. spross spent the afternoon with his character negotiating the slippery slope of horse breeding negotiation, and the somewhat schizophrenic attentions of a the two siblings of the horse flesh breeder. Not as "action"-oriented as I would have liked it to have been, but to be honest, I was feeling under the weather.

By the time spross and Tammy left the Southway, I was feeling very bad in the right hip and the leg. Rather than sitting in a proper wing-back chair, I sat on the edge of the long couch (so I could spread out the papers I needed in front of me), and am in a serious amount of pain once more. This is not good.

Thank the Goddess I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

To bed now, after some painkillers.
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