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Weekend Wrap-Up

Sitting at work today, and pretty pleased with the way the weekend has gone - other than Stef going out to Calgary again, of course. :(

As promised here is the entry about the rest of the weekend...

The Sunday gaming group showed up at the usual time to play, and things went pretty well for the most part except for a couple of things. The Sunday group is down to spross and Tammy. Andrew Gravendick seems to have just disappeared off the face of the earth, although I know he's in Ottawa, so I guess he's just decided not to game with the group anymore or whatever. While two players is a nice size group for the most part, one needs a good three or four people to get a lot of interaction between the players and to get the ideas and stuff flowing. So, if you're in the Ottawa area looking to play in rpgs on a Sunday afternoon, drop me a line here and we can work something out! :)

SteveR and Tammy are playing Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX for those who use the acronym), and it's been pretty interesting so far. Still, there are a couple of problems...

Steve is playing a British ex-cavalry officer and Tammy's got a naturalist (with a penchant for biology/zoology) whose husband is an archaeologist who went missing on a dig in South America. The two players are currently in a scenario dealing with missing Mayan tablets, strange lithographs, Nazis (including a sadistic female with acidic black orchids) intent on the same subject matter, and references to "la terre interieure" (they're in New Orleans of the 1930's). The scenario plot is moving forward quite nicely, I think, but is plagued by a couple of problems, the main one being the lack of a third or fourth player. This isn't to say that Andrew was all that great as a player when he was around, since more often than not he was a social recluse at the gaming table. The real problem is that they don't bounce ideas off each other in character (well, Tammy does but SteveR doesn't bounce 'em back too well), and they struggle somewhat to give the characters a common set of interests or at least things that will make it easier to bring the characters together. (I mean, a Brit ex-cavalryman and a Boston naturalist? *sigh*) Tammy is very good at playing with the NPCs I throw at her, whereas SteveR struggles with this element of the game - the social skills thing again... Steve's main problem is his inability at tjimes to deal with social situations - and this is a central element in rpgs, but he's trying to make this better on himself, and seems to be progressing well with it. So the two of them are struggling somewhat with the plot a bit, even if the game appears to be going well, but Tammy's getting a bit frustrated with SteveR, I think. We'll have to see what happens, but the plot should run another session, maybe two, depending.

After Tammy and Steve left, I settled down to getting food ready for supper, and then relaxed a bit with a book. I'm currently reading Ann Benson's Thief of Souls, a wonderful novel of hers that deals with the kidnapping of children in two different time frames, 2002 Los Angeles and 1400's France. Lovely stuff, but I find I'm not having enough time to read, so it was nice to get in about 45 pages of it in and around supper. I watched my two vices on Sunday evenings, Desperate Housewives and Crossing Jordan, while taping the episode of The Dresden Files. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the books, having only read the first two, and the series doesn't really inspire me to watch it, so we'll see if I continue to tape/watch it whatever.

The second-best part of the day was that my blood sugars were back down to the normal readings for me, something that pleased me no end. I was worried about this a bit, as may have come across in the entry from Sunday, but I'm doing fine now. We'll see what happens when I go to the Diabetes Clinic on Friday, so... The best part of the day was that Stef called as I was getting into bed around 11:00 pm, so we talked for about 40 minutes (told you the phone bills were going to skyrocket on both ends of this!).

So there you go...not exactly an exciting, thrilling weekend, but certainly with a lot of stuff going on.

Anyway, time for lunch, which is a good thing... I am hungry. :)
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