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End of the Day

I just got home from work. Had to go and take care of a few things at the house (checking out some stuff was packaged properly, picking up a few more clothes from home, and a pair of CDs, checking the snail mail, that sort of thing), and from doing some shopping for a few things here and there.

My right hip and leg are pretty bad right now, as can be imagined, so going to lie down and relax here at the hotel for a bit. My goddaughter, Ellie, will be staying with me overnight at the hotel (I'll go into that in another post), so I'm looking forward to her company.

Yes, I have been pretty lonely here at the hotel for the most part, even if some of the staff now call me by name and there are quite a few people in the Southway Inn for the most part. In any event, it'll be good to have some company here at the hotel for a while, even if it's only overnight.

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