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The Goddaughter Explanation (as promised)

As promised yesterday, I figured I would explain why my goddaughter, Ellie, is staying with me overnight.

Ellie's mom and dad, Steve and Kathy, are down with a horrible, bad cold at the moment. While the baby has gone to stay with Kathy's brother and his wife, they had wanted me to look after Ellie. I couldn't, as I was down with the horrible cold thing myself, so Ellie's godmother was able to take her in and look after her. Suffice to say, the godmother needs a bit of time to herself, so I agreed to take Ellie in for a night here at the hotel. We figured it would be a good treat for the little 'un (little my ass, she's already 11 years old!).

Ellie arrived at the Southway Inn yesterday around 5:00 pm, her small bag in tow. Her godmother, Ellie, and I went down to eat in the restaurant around 6:20, after getting Ellie settled in, and we had a pretty good meal. Ellie has found a new treat - lemon sherbet - which was served as a palate cleanser between the appetizer and the entreé. After dinner, her godmother left, and Ellie and I went and sat in the lobby for a bit, and then returned to the room for a quiet evening together. She was excited to see the swimming pool, but since she hadn't brought a bathing suit or anything, she couldn't take a swim, and besides, I wouldn't have felt comfortable letting her do so without Kathy or Steve around, since the pool is unsupervised. We played a game of Ticket To Ride: Europe, and I let her poke through the new TtR expansion Europa 1912. We had an evening snack of crackers, cream cheese, and tea (Ellie also had some green pepper), and then finished off the night with me reading to her from the Neil Gaiman book that she's currently reading.

Anyway, right now I'm just waiting for the young miss to come out of the bathroom after the morning's shower and all before we go down to have a Southway breakfast. Her godmother will be picking her up after lunch, and then they plan to go do some women's stuff together.

Ah, the young miss is ready. Time to descend for breakfast.
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