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A Wonderful Afternoon

Ended up spending more time with Ellie yesterday than either of us thought we would have together. Ellie's godmother couldn't get back here yesterday afternoon, so I got to spend the afternoon with my goddaughter.

Ellie wanted to eat lunch in the Shallows, the Southway Inn's restaurant, so we did just that. Italian wedding soup and spicy Thai salad for me, wedding soup and cheese and tomato salad for my goddaughter. She, of course, wanted to split a dessert, specifically a piece of cheesecake, but I laid down the law since I didn't want Kathy stripping off pieces of my hide.

I had promised Ellie that I would buy her a copy of the Ratatouille DVD, so we hopped across the street to Futureshop, and picked up that for her, as well as The Bridges of Madison County, which she told me that her godmother wanted to see. We then went over to Chapters, and Ellie spent a good half-hour in the kids book section poking her nose in several books and just having a good "paper experience" (as she called it). I didn't pick up anything myself, since they didn't have any of the books I was looking for; besides, I have already ordered about five books or so on Amazon, so...

Once we got back to the Southway, Ellie asked me if I would run a quick, two-hour session of Hollow Earth Expedition on her, as she wanted to game and has missed it the last few weeks. I thought it would be a good idea, and so that's what we did. She created a daring aviator named Fanny Bowman, and I took her through a trip on a dirigible heading from New York to Reykjavik that encounters a few...problems. The girl had a blast playing one-on-one with me.

By the time we wrapped up the game, around 10 past 5, Ellie's godmother had arrived to pick her up. She and I chatted for a while while Ellie packed up her stuff, and then I double-checked to make sure she had everything.

Just a wonderful, great afternoon. Forgot about my troubles, forgot about my body pains.

Heading down for supper now. Looking forward to the evening meal.
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