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A Sunday Morning

Dinner at the Southway Inn last night was excellent. I had the Prime Rib au Jus, with a baked potato and salad, and it was a wonderful meal.

The restaurant was so packed last night, that I had to eat my meal in the bar area of the Shallows. What happens when one is single, I suppose. Things worked out rather well, as I was seated next to an attractive lady my own age who was eating in the bar as well. We started talking over dinner, and that got extended to about an hour or so after dinner, and it was quite pleasant.

Got back up to the room around 9:45 pm, and wasn't ready for bed yet, so sat back and read another chapter or two of autopope's The Jennifer Morgue. Really enjoying this Laundry novel so far.

Woke up this morning to a foggy, cold, rainy day. The fog has lifted finally, but the cool temperatures remain. I am hurting quite a bit this morning from the back, hip, and leg business. This morning, I ate breakfast in the Shallows, and have been feeling somewhat aimless and rather tired for some reason. I have to get ready to run Hollow Earth Expedition on the Sunday gaming group, so hopefully that will cheer me up. As will lunch today, depending on what I eat.
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