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The Rest of Sunday Report

Had a pretty good day for the most part yesterday.

The game session of Hollow Earth Expedition went pretty well. spross and Tammy completed the first scenario of their new campaign, and had a pretty good time overall. We had to cut the session short a bit earlier, as Tammy needed to get home before the roads in her part of town got closed off because of the Santa Claus Parade, but the two of them managed to wrap up the basic plot, and this gives me the chance to prepare the next scenario for them. Living in the hotel is not making gaming easy.

I ate in the Shallows restaurant of the Southway Inn for supper, and had a good meal. If there is any real problem for me with eating at the hotel restaurant, it's the limited number of dishes and the fact that a lot of the food is not diabetically good. After supper, went up to the room and watched Smallville and Desperate Housewives. Read some more of Stross's The Jennifer Morgue before crashing somewhat early.

Needless to say, I couldn't sleep again last night because of the hip and leg pain. The problem is finding a comfortable position that doesn't make the pain too intense. And that lets me rest through the night. So far, no luck.
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