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MP3 Player Woes II

Well, I've just called the Archos 2 hotline down in the States to see what I could find out about fixing the MP3 player that I bought at FutureShop, and...

The first call, I was on hold for about 10 minutes. I got a nice technician who tried to work out the problem with me, but when we couldn't take care of it, said he would put me on hold and find out what he could and get back to me. He left me hanging there...for 25 minutes. And then the line went dead, and returned to dial-tone.

I called the line back, and was on hold for 20 minutes. A different technician took my call, and said that the other fellow (whose name I never got) was probably on another line. So we started from scratch, went through the same thing, and then he put me on hold...for 15 minutes. And the line went dead again, and returned to a dial-tone.

So, I thought to myself, third time's the charm. Wrong. Got a technician right away when I called, and it was the original one that I spoke to. He said that he was sorry he couldn't help me, but they didn't support Ubuntu, even though the box clearly states that it supports Linux as long as it can see mass storage devices.

So, I've just wasted most of my afternoon on this. :( The plan now is to give the MP3 player to spross, and see if he can see the MP3 player. If not, I'll deal with that then.

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