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MP3 Player Woes III

Well, spross was able to check out the Archos 2 MP3 player on his Windows machine today.

According to his computer, the folders that I added to the Archos 2 player are corrupt. My Dell machine running Ubuntu says that the drive on the MP3 player is "read only" when I try to transfer a song from the Dell onto the MP3 player. On the other hand, spross could transfer songs and stuff over with no problem. Part of the problem is, according to the Ubuntu forums, that the Archos 2 is hit or miss on Linux machines.

I'll be taking the Archos 2 back to FutureShop on Saturday when I get a chance. Haven't decided whether I'll try another Archos 2, whether I'll go with a different MP3 player, or just take the refund and end the misery.

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