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Of Carpets and MP3 Players

Had a pretty good Saturday today.

The weather in Ottawa was pretty nice today, sunny although a bit cold at times.

Spent the morning out doing some shopping, well, more like pricing carpets and the like for the bedroom, to see what kind of deal I could get that might be better. Suffice it to say, will be talking to the guy doing the carpets for the house on Monday.

spross came over this afternoon after work, and we went to FutureShop to return the MP3 player. I wnated to replace it with a second Archos 2, since I firmly believe now that the drive on the MP3 player was corrupt, but they didn't have any of them at the South Keys store, although they had ten of them over at the Merivale location! The girl that served us at the Returns desk was hacking away, face to arm more often than not, with red eyes, and a raspy voice. Why the hell do people who are so sick 1) not wear a mask when they're at work? or 2) not work when they're sick like that? Add to that the fact that the store was hot as heck, with lots of people in it...and well, perfect place for flu to spread. Nuts! :<

Anyway, we went over to the Merivale store, since spross was willing. I exchanged the white Archos 2 MP3 player for a black one, and the guy who served us knew more about the machine working with Ubuntu. He said that the Archos 2 MP3 player was extremely stable under Ubuntu, and based on what spross and I told him happened, said that the drive on the original one that I bought was corrupt to begin with. So I am now the proud owner of a black Archos 2 MP3 player. I won't be playing around and trying to put music on it today, as I just want to forget about the thing for a bit.

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