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The DwtS Finale

And so Dancing with the Stars wrapped up its ninth season last night. I have to say that I was pretty pleased that Donny Osmond won the mirrorball trophy for this year's DwtS, and I was actually somewhat worried that Kelly Osborne was going to win it. Still, it's something of a shock that Mya didn't take the trophy, as she was clearly the best dancer out there, but her freestyle routine on the final night of competition was just not that good.

Of course it's important to remember that when the final push comes to shove, Dancing with the Stars is a popularity contest with the American audience getting to vote for their favourites all the way. And Donny Osmond, having had a long and distinguished career as an entertainer, had a lot of popular support in the series. So it's no surprise that he won it out of the three finalists when it came right down to it.

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