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Gaming Night

Getting ready to run my Friday night gaming group through their paces. I decided to run the Desolation rpg tonight. While the Pulp adventure feel of HEX appeals to me at the moment, the creativity I can engage in with Desolation and the post-apocalyptic rpg setting has my creative juices flowing somewhat.

Oops, better go. The Friday night gaming group has arrived. We are heading downstairs for dinner in The Shallows restaurant. My goddaughter, Ellie, is quite pleased and excited to eat here.

Later, around 7:15 pm: Back in the hotel room. Getting ready to game. I paid my goddaughter's meal tonight in The Shallows, although the others paid their own meals tonight. Anyway, ready to game. May or may not tweet during the game. Shall have to see.
Tags: desolation, friday gaming group, goddaughter, personal, rpg, rpg hut, the shallows

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