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Friday Night Game

Tonight's (or is that yesterday evening's?) gaming session went very well.

As mentioned in a previous post, I decided to run Desolation on the Friday night gaming group for a variety of reasons.

The game pretty much picked up where the last session with the Friday nighters did (see the link for more). The problem is that, unless I'm intent on writing a detailed write-up of the game session, blogging the games never sounds as exciting as the actual play. The player characters continue their travels, attempting to return to their characters' home, Wilkerson Dale. The group encountered their first combined corpse (one of the new beasties from the Desolation: Survivors supplement), and had an interesting time combatting the creature. My goddaughter, Ellie, was both fascinated and disgusted by the creature, but had a good time trying to kill it.

Given that we played in my hotel room here at the Southway Inn, rather than at home or at Kathy and SteveB's where I have my gaming stuff and props and all, I thought the game went rather well. The player characters wrapped the session in a fine pickle, so we'll see next week how this all turns out.
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