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Board Game: Tales of the Arabian Nights, 3rd Edition

After spross got off work, he dropped by the hotel and we went down to Fandom II, the Ottawa gaming store that (at times) leaves a lot to be desired.

While I have the original version of the Tales of the Arabian Nights board game, I have been meaning to pick up the newest version of the game, the 3rd Edition, that came out earlier in 2009. While they take interac and cash at Fandom II, they don't take credit cards (!!) much to my chagrin, but Steve was kind enough to pick the game up for me, and I will pay him back.

What a beautiful game this truly is!

In Tales of the Arabian Nights, the players portray the heroes and/or heroines in a story of adventure and wonder, just like those told by Scheherazade to her spellbound sultan. The players and their characters travel the land seeking their own destiny and fortune. They will learn stories and gain wisdom to share with others. However, will your character be the first to fulfill his (or her) destiny? The next Tale is yours to tell! While there is a winner in Tales of the Arabian Nights, the point of the game is less to see who wins and more to enjoy the unfolding and telling of a great story.

In this current edition of this groundbreaking storytelling game, you enter the lands of the Arabian Nights alongside Sindbad, Ali Baba, and the other legendary heroes of the tales. Travel the world encountering imprisoned princesses, powerful 'efreets, evil viziers, and such marvels as the Magnetic Mountain and the fabled Elephant's Graveyard. Choose your actions carefully and the skills you possess will reward you: become beloved, wealthy, mighty - even become sultan of a great land. Choose foolishly, however, and become a beggar, or be cursed with a beast's form or become insane from terror.

The contents of the game box weigh approximately 8 lbs. (!!), and include 1 Game board, 1 Book of Tales, 1 Reaction Matrix, 6 stand-up figures, 6 player mats, 125+ cards, 100+ counters, 3 dice, and the rules.

The game is just as good as I remember it from back in the 1980's, to be honest, and the new edition of Tales of the Arabian Nights has been expanded, with improved graphics and art, and given additional material on top of what the original and German 2nd Edition contained in them. I've been a fan of this game for a couple of decades now, and really look forward to playing it in the new format.
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