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An Afternoon of Arabian Nights

Spent a pleasant afternoon partaking in the Tales of the Arabian Nights board game with spross and Tammy Powers.

I took the role of Ali Baba for both games, albeit the second game was aborted after about an hour and a half. In the first game, I started off in Baghdad, but my second encounter had me deal with a Disguised Beggar, and I became Grief-Stricken. The problem is that when you are Grief-Stricken, you cannot use Talent level Skills and can only use Master level Skills at Talent level. And you can only get rid of the Status by having 8 Story points or more. Needless to say, I couldn't get the Story points through any Encounters that I had to get rid of the Status, and so went through the game doing everything Unskilled (though I did have six Skills at Talent level at one point!). Had no way to win the game, but didn't mind, since I was having a good time playing the game. Tammy was having real good luck, getting the right Statuses to be able to make her own decisions more freely, and she won the game in the end. spross played a cautious game, and wasn't really a threat to Tammy, eventually suffering some setbacks in the latter stages of the game.

I played Ali Baba again in the second game of the day, but we didn't play for very long, only about an hour or perhaps an hour and a half. This time around, I started off rather well, and while I had a few Statuses to deal with (including Under Geas), I had managed to get five Skills, one of them at Master level. Tammy's luck completely turned on her in this game, and she was pretty happy to stop playing even though she was enjoying herself. I don't really remember how spross did in the second game at all.

Overall, I had a pretty good day playing Tales of the Arabian Nights, and look forward to doing so again. I had lots of fun, but I think I hurt my muscle under the arm and down the side with some stretching for cards that I shouldn't have done.


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