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Diabetes Thoughts for the Day

Just got back from the Diabetes Clinic here in Ottawa about 10 minutes ago.

The news is only so-so. The doctor was pleased that my blood sugars are relatively good for a diabetic, but they're still a bit high (in the 7-8 range), and my cholesterol level and the a1c results were up (the latter from 5.9 to 6.3, under 6.0 is desirable). On top of that, my blood pressure is up slightly. Not good. My weight is down a bit, and everything else in the test results are pretty good, so I guess there is a bright side to things.

The doctor was impressed at how much I knew about diabetes, but as I told her, I've had a couple of years now to read stuff, to talk to people about the disease, and to learn stuff. That said, while I re-dedicated myself to the South Beach Diet and bought myself an elliptical exerciser back in January, most of late 2005 and the majority of 2006 were not "eat healthy and be smart" about my diabetes. That "bad year" or so has caught up to me now, I guess, to all intents and purposes, but the bed's been made and I have to lie in it now.

The thing is, diabetes is a progressive disease, and even if you start taking meds, or injecting/pumping insulin, eating right, exercising, the effects are not reversible. And, regardless of how much you try and whatever regimen you adopt, the need for meds (or even injections) will come. That's what "progressive" means. Up until this point, I've been lucky in that my foot neuropathy hasn't been too bad, my eyes aren't suffering, and the rest of me is...well, I'm in my '50s, so 'nuff said on that.

I'll be going to my regular doctor in April for a check-up, and will see what the bloodwork is like at that time. If the results haven't changed for the better, or if they've gotten worse, I will have to start taking some medication, on top of the cholesterol medication that I take now. At least I'm not at the point of taking the "Diabetes cocktail" as yet, so things are looking up.

The good news is that I feel a bit healthier than I have in a good five months now. And oddly enough, I'm not all that upset or depressed about the results of today's appointment. That's life, and for me that's diabetes. A progressive disease, remember?

Anyway, I've got the Friday night group for Agone tonight in about two and a three-quarter hours. Got really creative with the plans for tonight, and they're in for a good time. <evil g> Meanwhile, time for a nice cup of tea, maybe some cucumber, and the get ready for supper and the gaming session.
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