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Ottawa-San Jose Game, and the Heatley Return

Tonight should be an interesting night, if you're an Ottawa Senators fan. And if you decide to stay up that late and watch it.

The Ottawa Senators play the San Jose Sharks tonight in San Jose at the Shark Tank. This is the first, and only game this season (other than the playoffs), in which Ottawa plays the team for whom Dany Heatley now plays.

While the two teams are going to go out there and play their game, the Ottawa fans watching the game will be praying and hoping for a Senators' victory over the Sharks, just to get a little bit of payback in. An added bonus would be if Milan Michalek and Jordan Cheechoo (the two player Ottawa got for Heatley) have a good game and get a few points in this one. Especially Cheechoo, as he really needs to get going this season.

But I'll bet you that San Jose fans have no problems with this trade so far, not the way Heatley's been producing. Sure, Cheechoo and Michalek have their fans and supporters, but Heatley's done what is expected of him in San Jose, and could be well on the way to a record-breaking season scoring-wise.

Definitely an interesting game to watch, even if it's on at 10:30 pm Ottawa time.

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