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The Southway Inn, A Pictorial

Well, my goddaughter will be spending the rest of today and tonight with me here at the hotel, as I give her parents a bit of time alone together on SteveB's birthday.

In the meantime, I've had several folks on Twitter want to know more about what the hotel that I'm staying in, the Southway Inn, looks like on the inside. So without further ado, I give you a pictorial representation of the hotel with perhaps a surprise or two thrown in. All the photos below were taken by spross.

This is the main Reception desk at the hotel. Two of my favourite staffers here, Daniel and Joanna, are manning the desk and posing for you:

This is the little guy at the branching to the two main halls on the ground floor of the hotel who tells you what the Lunch Specials are in the restaurant (see below). spross snapped him when was adversting the Wings and Beer special each day before dinner:

This is one of the two main halls on the ground floor of the hotel. This one has conference centers and a large ballroom along it:

The central outdoor courtyard of the hotel. Very nice, but the weather's a bit cool right now:

The hotel has a terrific swimming pool. Heated, too:

There is also a very relaxing, quite hot, whirlpool adjacent to the swimming pool. Quite relaxing:

In the main lobby, there's a rather nice large alcove with comfy chairs and a small bookcase. I call it the reading lounge:

Here is a shot if the restaurant that I've mentioned a couple of times, The Shallows. spross didn't go into the window area of the restaurant to shoot, 'cause there were people dining. Perhaps at another time:

This is it, my hotel room in the Southway Inn. As you can see, it's lived in:

As of Saturday, this is my reading and gaming material I have with me:

And last, but not least, here's a photo of me taken by spross on Saturday of me sitting in the hotel room. Make of it what you will:

So, that's the peak behind the doors of the Southway Inn, for those who were curious as to where I'm living right now. Any comments are more than welcome, of course.

And the timing for writing this was perfect. My goddaughter has just arrived. We'll be heading off to a swim in that pool you just saw in the pics. :)

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