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Brain Freeze

I spent a few days outdoors this past week, grocery shopping and doing some other things, and I have an observation to share: What is it about cold (okay, freezing, actually) temperatures that brings out the worst in people?

With the extreme cold weather that we've had here in Ottawa the past week, it seems to me that the number of impolite people in the city of Ottawa has blossomed (if that's a good word here, I don't know) to extreme proportions. Now, maybe these sad sacks of souls suffer a little from the winter blues, or its lousier form, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD; hey, I know I have that!) that may evoke sympathy from the people they irritate and offend. However, inflicting this misery, like with germs from a bad cold, on others at work or on city streets or in shopping mall stores only makes a lousy situation worse. You have to know the signs and take steps to combat this all too common form of social discord instead of spreading it around the social and workplace community.

I mean, when did it become acceptable to shove someone out of the way to get on a bus, to walk by an anonymous person on the street and utter an insult (or worse) as you rush to get in from the cold, or to push a door open and hit someone in the back? Sometimes I think the simple words "please," "thank you," and "excuse me" have become forgotten during cold weather or perhaps there is a brain freeze in cold weather that is part of the winter blues.

Lack of respect leads to tempers flaring, and to somewhat ridiculous, confrontational situations. Next time you're in a mall, a shop, on a bus, or walking down the street, try to be courteous to others around you.

Now smile, and move on. :)
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