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The Weekend That Was

Friday evening started off with the news that Tom and Joanne were down sick, so Ellie got her wish from earlier last week in that we played a game of Tales of the Arabian Nights. SteveB, Kathy, Ellie, and I were joined by Nick and Ellie's godmother, Laurie. So we played a game of TotAN with six players. The game with six players, as we discovered, takes a bit longer and leads to more periods of down time and the like for players through the game. I set my victory conditions at 7 Destiny and 10 Story points, and managed to achieve this, but I could not win the game as I was Sex-Changed, On Pilgrimmage, and was Married. I did have a total of eight Skills, four of them at Master, but that didn't help me to win the game. Ellie managed another good game for herself, and was able to win the game.

Saturday morning, I went to the house to meet with the guy who was going to lay the carpet to see the final carpet that had come in. The carpet was all right, even if not quite the right shade, and the underpadding seemed to be correct, so I okayed the carpets. They will be installed during this week. The plumber and bathroom specialist came to the house as well around 11:00 am, and we discussed the prices for the repair work that I had to have done at my own expense in the bathroom. The price was around $320, not what I wasn't expecting, and the bathroom repair guy agreed to make the repairs on Sunday (that was yesterday!), so that worked out well.

spross was supposed to come over on Saturday afternoon, and we were going to go out a couple of places, but that completely fell through. He was tired and forgot, or so he tweeted me, so the afternoon was mine to do with what I wanted. I heard through one of my Twitter friends that Arsenal had beaten Stoke 2-0 in English Premier League action. Yay!! I did a bit of reading in the afternoon, as I've just started Kage Baker's The House of the Stag, a novel set in the world of her earlier Anvil of the World book. In addition, I did some reading about the new Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space roleplaying game from Cubicle 7. The more I read about the game, the more eager I am to buy the game and its associated products. Even came up with a couple of scenario ideas for the game! The evening was pretty uneventful, as I watched a bit of tv, read a bit more of the Kage Baker book, and caught up with a couple of friends that I haven't heard from in a while.

I went out to dinner Saturday night with my mom, and figured that I would eat a good Chinese meal at Lai Lai. This place is one of my favourite restaurants, but I haven't been there in some time. While the food was adequate, the restaurant has changed in ways that I'm not fond of. This is a shame, as I may have to find a new place to eat Chinese food in Ottawa. :(

Sunday afternoon, spross and Tammy came out to the hotel so that we could play. It was decided that we would play a game of the Tales of the Arabian Nights board game once more, so the afternoon was a pretty good time for all. I don't remember a lot about the game at this point, but... Suffice to say that I started off Imprisoned for three turns, and thought that I would never get out, but the Stealth and Stealing Skill helped me get out of prison. After that, my game with Ali Baba didn't really hit any snags. I managed to finish two Quests of the three I had before the end of the game, and had the Statuses of Respected, Determined, Married, and a couple of others that I've forgotten about. We all played the game for fun this day, and were all well over the Victory Point conditions we'd each set (I had set it at 10 Destiny and 10 Story, but finished with 13 Destiny and 12 Story points), and it was just a good time.

Sunday evening was spent doing not much of anything, just relaxing after the game of TotAN, watching Desperate Housewives and a bit of the Ottawa-Anaheim hockey game (the Sens won 4-3 in Shootout!). Just another regular, pretty boring weekend in the life of JohnK. :)
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