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Weather and Work

Well, I'm here. I managed to get in to the office today for both the last day of Greek language classes, and a bit of work.

Donna came by with the carpool, but she made me drive from the Southway Inn to work today, given the horrible weather. In case you missed it, Ottawa is experiencing its first blizzard of the season. The temperature is currently -70 C, with a windchill of -160 C, going to a high of -30 C. There is a lot of snow falling, with very windy conditions at the moment, and the snow is supposed to fall into the night. Expecting about 25-30 cms. of the white stuff. Oh joy, oh bliss...NOT!

So, anyway, I drove the car from the hotel downtown to work. The trip which normally takes about 25 minutes took almost an hour and a half. Needless to say, I was a bit late for Greek class, but then again, most of the other students weren't there.

Anyway, it's time now for a break. Need to find something hot to drink. Hope there's some Chai tea left. Then it's back to the office to do some regular, translating-like work.

Once I get back to the hotel today, got to bone up and study for tomorrow's final Greek oral exam.
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