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Greek Oral, Over and Out

Finished the Greek oral exam about 25 minutes ago. I think I did pretty well with it, and seem to have managed to hold my own. It was somewhat more tricky than I expected, to be honest, but one just soldiers through and see what happens and how it develops. Should know the results on the oral exam either late this afternoon or tomorrow morning. To be honest, whatever the results, I'm just glad the course is pretty much finished now.

Just had to go somewhere to decompress for a bit and all. Back in the office now, and then heading for the doctor's office around a quarter to one for a regularly scheduled appointment. Perhaps I'll learn the results of the ultrasounds and other tests from last week. Or not, who knows.

After that, a quick visit to the house to see what's going on, and for some clothes and the like. Gods, but I miss by home! Don't get me wrong, the hotel life is fine, if a bit lonely, but I don't want to live there and all.

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