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Greek Course Final Thoughts

First off, I want to thank everyone who posted about my previous journal entry, pertaining to the ultrasound test results. I'm much obliged to all of you for your kind thoughts and comments and good wishes, and would like to invite you all to my place to play a roleplaying game of some sort! :)

Here at the office, there is a hint of booze in the air (several bottles of red and white wine, plus ouzo for those so inclined) and lots of interesting types of food. This is our celebration/party for the end of the Greek language course. Which, by the way, I passsed. I did pretty well on the oral exam, and they were rather pleased with two of my solutions to the diplomatic problems presented in the exam. I'm quite pleased, of course, but am glad that the Greek language course is finished.

As for the health issues, well, those will sort themselves out one way or the other in the new year.

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