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A Nothing Week

Another week in the life has gone by.

Nothing much happened this week, out of the ordinary. Even if there had, I wouldn't have posted all that much in the blog, simply because I haven't spent all that much time on the computer this week.

One of the sports things I do is curl. You know, curling, the sport where you send a 20 lb. circular piece of rock down a sheet of ice, and try to put it in a series of different coloured rings, called the House. Well, while I curl the weekends here in Ottawa during curling season, the Canadian woman's championships, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, has been on this week from Lethbridge, Alberta. In and around that, I managed to watch Doctor Who (the season finale), the relaunch of Jericho (which had some wonderfully chilling moments and some lovely revelations in the form of the flashbacks), and the conclusion of the three-part "jump the shark" storyline on Grey's Anatomy.

Couple that with the fact that I have been feeling "off" for most of the week, possibly due to a head cold, or perhaps due to my diabetes acting up on me, and well, it has been a week that I just haven't had anything to say.

That's all.
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