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The Weekend That Was II

Well, this weekend was an interesting one, to say the least.

Friday night, the players in my Friday gaming group played their second session of Desolation, the post-apocalyptic rpg, in the current scenario. The players love the game system because of the unpredictable nature of the world, the simple and easy to learn game mechanics, and the game session on Friday night was one that had a bit of everything in it. Not going into details here unless someone wants to know more (just send me a Comment to that effect!), but suffice to say the game was pleasant and entertaining, and the hotel room has not really deterred the players from playing the game, despite the fact that I don't have my usual amount of resources at hand.

Saturday morning was pretty pleasant, and breakfast was very good. I went out early in the day to replace my new winter jacket out in the west end of the city; had a problem with the zipper, and they agreed to replace it. I realized where I was, and went into the Comic Book Shoppe where I picked up my copy of the newly arrived rpg, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space. Beautiful game. You'll be able to see more about the game, literally, as spross snapped some pics earlier today. Soon as I have a chance tomorrow, I'll be posting them up with some thoughts on the game. Did some shopping for a few Christmas gifts for certain people, and then went back to the hotel for lunch.

spross came by after work, and he helped me go over to the house and take some five (relatively heavy) boxes of books to the Book Bazaar down on Bank Street. This is the place where I tend to sell off sf and fantasy books that I'm culling from my collection, and I'll hear about what he'll give me for the books some time during the coming week. Because of my current medical...complications...I couldn't lift the books, and I really owe SteveR for what he did for me.

Went back to the hotel with SteveR, and then he took off to head back to his place. Spent the rest of Saturday reading some sf, a magazine, and the new Doctor Who rpg. Oh, and went to Montana's Cookhouse for supper Saturday night. A very good meal. Good Saturday.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early, and I was looking forward to gaming this day. I read a bit of the GM Guide for Doctor Who, and then spross came over early, and we had lunch in The Shallows, the hotel restaurant. I had an excellent mushroom crepe, and Tammy joined us when we had just about finished. I paid SteveR's lunch, since I felt that I owed him for his help the day before with the books, and then we all went back up to the hotel room and gamed.

The character generation for the players in the Doctor Who rpg went pretty well. Tammy created a mechanically oriented character, but I can't seem to recall what character spross created for some reason. [Edited: SteveR created a sort of geologist type of character.] I then ran them through two variants of a scenario I have in mind with two different Time Lords - one called the Traveller, and the other called the Artist. Very different feel to how the two scenario shards played out, and both Steve and Tammy rather liked stuff.

Was feeling pretty ill from the stuff going on with my lower abdominal/pelvic area these days, and decided to take it very easy tonight. Read a bit, and just relaxed and listened to a bit of music.

Anyway, it's getting late. Time for bed.
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