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The Past Few Days, and Sticky Tricks

A lovely Sunday morning to you all.

Today is Sticky Tricks Day on the faerie calendar. Many games are played today involving freshly tapped maple sap.

My mouth, well the bottom jaws at any rate, took two days to calm down from part one of the dental cleaning they underwent (see the previous journal entry), and it was a sore me that had problems eating that Wednesday night. Thursday night, my sister Diana (who is up here visiting my mother from down in Philadelphia, PA) took my mother and me out to The Keg restaurant. The food there is still great, the French Onion soup is still delish! :), and overall I had a good meal there, and I had a baked potato for a change. Oy vey, did my blood sugars climb that night (hit 10.8 by midnight, but was fortunately down by morning). I probably didn't speed up the recovery time on the mouth very much with the steak that night of course, but it was worth it! :)

Friday night's gaming group came and they played the Agone campaign that I am running, and which I have referred to a couple of times in threads here and here. The characters are still interacting in the manner that I have become accustomed to, and are playing well at the game and rather enjoying themselves. As Kathy told me, part of this for her is that Agone is such a different fantasy rpg from most of the games out there, so this has made things "interesting" and "entertaining" for the gaming group as a whole. The Sunday players will be here shortly, and we have to go through some sample combats and the like in order to get ready to play, so might well start the intro 3-session scenario today as well. I can hope, right? :)

I haven't been feeling well the past couple of days, as I seem to have come down with some sort of stomach bug. Running with diarrhea to the bathroom regularly, so...just not feeling great. Anyway, got to go upstairs and make lunch, as the gamers will be here any time now.
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